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Practical advice from a man who knows his stuff.

One of the top New Year resolutions people make each year is to improve their physical fitness. There are no secrets to achieving this goal. People just need to eat better and exercise more. At the start of each year, top salespeople always plan to improve their “sales fitness.”  And just as it is with physical fitness, there are two important factors you need to take into account if you want to build some sales muscle into your results. Simply put: Consider the information you consume Take actions based on that consumption Nutritionists talk about the five food groups. In sales, the “food” is the content that feeds a person’s brain. In order to stay sharp, professionals should regularly be consuming information from the five content groups: Motivational – Motivation creates the spark that leads to action. It is a fundamental, but often overlooked, ingredient for sales success. Product – Knowing one’s products inside and out is the minimum expectation in an era when customers have