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Disrupting the consulting business. Then again, what isn’t being disrupted?

HourlyNerd is the leading technology platform delivering elite business talent. Founded with the collaboration of faculty members at Harvard Business School in 2013, HourlyNerd boasts over 14,000 independent experts, including top MBAs, elite business advisors, and industry experts from leading corporations. HourlyNerd focused on innovative workforce solutions, serving more than 8,000 companies from small and medium-sized businesses to 10% of the Fortune 1000, including Microsoft, Au Bon Pain, Staples, and countless others on a confidential basis.

HourlyNerd’s technology-driven delivery model is creating a new market for readily available elite expertise with client-friendly pricing structures and data-vetted, market-tested quality. Leveraging a model keystoned by flexibility, expert knowledge and on-demand usage, companies have found innovative uses for HourlyNerd from manager/director level to the C-suite. The company has resonated tremendously with business leader who’ve long sought a technology solution for meeting ad-hoc needs for experienced business talent.